Infant/Baby Massage Course

Babies and children simply love to be touched. In fact, they thrive on it and it is a crucial part of their development. Children need physical contact for healthy growth and development.  Normal affectionate touching is important, however, a regular routine of infant massage can offer additional benefits to both the caregiver and child. Nurturing touch through massage has been proven to promote physiological and cognitive development.

In a session the tutor will train the parents/guardians on how to massage the infant/baby. You may bring the infant/baby or you can practice on our training dolls. The course consists of six weekly classes that run for one and a half hours. Groups are welcome with a maximum of 4 per group.

Benefits for infant/baby:

  • Improves Immune System
  • Helps Baby to relax
  • Promotes sounder and longer sleep
  • Promotes bonding and communication
  • Helps to regulate digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Helps relieve discomfort from gas colic, congestion and teething
  • Improves cognitive and physical development
  • Decreases production of stress hormones

Benefits for parents/guardians:

  • Helps parents understand and respond to babies non-verbal communication
  • Improves parent/guardian –infant communication and bonding
  • Increases parents/guardians ability to help child relax
  • Eases stress of parent/guardian who is not with child all day
  • Fun and relaxing for the parents